PROFESSIONAL SERVICES — We have the know-how. Let us show you.

Our professional services are fronted by consultants and technical groups from all over the world who'll ensure a successful implementation and that you're on the right path to self-support. Couple that with Microsoft's first-rate reputation for its products and support and you, as a buyer, buy into a group of customers and a solution — not a vendor.

Market Evolution's know-how is offered through professional services such as the following:

  • Training for operational staff (trading and technical departments)
  • Training for training brokers (train-the-trainer approach)
  • Implementation of agreed upon modifications
  • Installation of systems on client hardware
  • Assistance from Market Evolution experts during live implementation at client site
  • Project management
  • Transfer of source code (for operational use only in the client's organization and not for resale)
  • Ongoing maintenance services
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