Shark & Shark Online System

Shark Brokerage House Assistant is an application for support of brokerage processes:

  • front-office support: client identification, contract conclusions, order placement,
  • trading book support: order evidence, monitoring and control of order execution,
  • back-office support: management and monitoring of portfolios, billing, monetary orders (conversions, inflows, outflows, transfer among depots, etc.), corporate actions (split, merge, swap, etc.), payments of dividends and coupons, reports for supervisory and regulatory bodies,
  • billing for accounting system,
  • imports (orders, bills of sale, price lists, sorting of joint orders, etc.) and exports (portfolio balances, billing reviews, etc.).

Shark Online is a web application for broker clients. It provides clients with an easy access to broker services and improves the transparency of business actions. Through the web user interface clients are able to:

  • review the portfolio (structure, evaluation, movements in time) and transactions,
  • review the price lists,
  • place orders (exchange markets, foreign markets, orders for monetary transfer among depots, orders for monetary exchange),
  • get reviews and printouts for billing, get order receipts,
  • use various investor tools (technical analysis, calculation of capital gains, chat with broker, forum).

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