News Publishing and Data Dissemination System (QuickFile)

QuickFile is an application for supporting public related Stock Exchange operations, including real time data from the market and public announcements from the issuers.

The most important functionality is publishing of news. The news can be announcements from the trading surveillance department, the regulator or most often information from the issuers of listed securities. Issuers are required by law to publish price sensitive information in timely manner to allow fair distribution of information among all investors. Historically it was done by the newspapers but with the applications like Quick File this task is now much faster and cheaper. Issuers have direct access to the application and can electronically submit relevant documents. Submitted documents can be published immediately or can first travel to designated reviewer for confirmation. Document workflows can be defined by the exchange.

Publishing of trading data is the other part of the application. QuickFile is gathering real time data from the QuickTrade through web services. Data is displayed in common formats, like index charts, top advancers, top decliners, daily price lists, historical charts and similar. Trading data is directly linked to the published news. This means the users can easily see announcements related to selected security or they can see trading data related to the currently displayed announcement.

QuickFile can be used like a special subsection of the exchange?s web page or as a standalone web application for publishing news.

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